David Dobnik
David Dobnik
PhD in Biotechnology


David has been working in the field of molecular biology since 2007. His main focus area is the development of new nucleic acid detection/quantification approaches. He started with the development of novel isothermal amplification methods for the detection and quantification of DNA targets. Furthermore, he developed an innovative system of simultaneous multiplex isothermal amplification and detection of DNA and RNA targets (Dobnik et al., 2014). Lately, the majority of his work has been focused on digital PCR, where he is a worldwide recognized expert. He and his colleagues were the first people worldwide to report a high-level multiplex absolute quantification with droplet digital PCR (Dobnik et al., 2015═ż 2016).

Most recently, David has been leading the development and tech-transfer projects for pharmaceutical companies focused in the field of gene therapy, helping their process development efforts with characterizations of viral vectors. He also conducted training workshops for digital PCR and was an invited speaker at several gene and cell therapy conferences. His expertise in molecular analytical techniques and his ability to think out of the box, enable him to support a broad range of customers addressing various challenges and delivering effective solutions.