Our Story
Our mission is to accelerate Cell & Gene process development ensuring higher yields with consistent purity and potency of your products

Our vision is to become one of the leading Viral Vector characterization labs
NibaLabs is an expert lab for digital PCR (dPCR, including ddPCR and ndPCR) assay development and testing. We are focused on viral vectors characterization, addressing the analytical needs and challenges of gene therapy products.

We offer state-of-the-art, platform independent, simplex or multiplex dPCR assay development with unparalleled customer service. The assays can be used for absolute quantification of the target sequence or sequence integrity testing in case of multiplex assays. Furthermore, our recent successful development of a proprietary multiplex dPCR assay platform NibaPlex®; allows us to expedite custom development of advanced multiplex assays that can help investigate sequence integrity of target genome. Additionally, we offer comparability and bridging studies between different dPCR platforms and other viral vector characterization activities such as hcDNA, HCP, pDNA, NGS, TEM and capsid titer.

NibaLabs is experienced in viral vector process development and process optimisation support. Our analytical expertise provides valuable insights to our customers and partners. We inform and guide process optimisation activities leading to improved process yields and safety of your gene therapy products. Most recently, we have expanded our offerings to GMP method validation and analytical testing with the aim to seamlessly service our partners through clinical supply and launch of their gene therapy medicines.

NEW: NibaLabs expanded offerings to cGMP method validation and analytical testing to seamlessly provide services as you move your programs into clinics and commercial launch.

NibaLabs is a spin-out of The National Institute of Biology (NIB). It built a reputation as a leading laboratory for cutting edge expertise in viral characterization and absolute quantification. Since 2016 the experts from the institute were engaged in ddPCR gene therapy analytics.

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