Our Story
Our mission is to improve speed and efficiency of process development in the segment of Cell and Gene Therapies

Our vision is to become one of the leading Viral Vector characterization labs
Niba Labs is a Slovenian life science analytics company which was originally part of The National Institute of Biology (NIB). It built a reputation as a leading laboratory for cutting edge expertise in viral characterization and absolute quantification. In 2016 NIB made an exciting move into supporting gene therapy.

The institute was approached by AveXis, a leading gene therapy company (now Novartis), with the request for method development, analytical support and optimisation of AAV downstream purification process. Cutting edge know-how, scientific expertise and equipment allowed experts at NIB to perform fast development of protocols and continuous support of process optimisations with different molecular analytical approaches. In the last 5 years, NIB has worked closely with numerous companies from EU and USA, offering support in analytical method development, method qualification and regular analytical support to viral vector process optimisation. NIB is proud to be involved in the success stories of some of the most successful gene therapy companies (such as AveXis/Novartis, Sio).

The experience and expertise in viral analytics gained at NIB now form the foundation for the private company, Niba Labs.
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