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  • ddPCR Sample preparation
  • Viral vector quantity
  • Residual DNA quantity
  • Host cell protein
  • Viral particle quantity and integrity
ddPCR Sample preparation
DNA / RNA extraction protocol development and qualification
Extraction of nucleic acids is a challenging and one of the most crucial steps influencing reliable and accurate quantification of the target DNA/RNA in the sample. We develop custom DNA/RNA extraction protocols, optimise and evaluate. Finally, the protocol can be qualified and used in subsequent analyses.
Viral vector quantity
Viral vector copy number quantification by digital PCR
Viral vector copy number determination digital PCR offers most accurate quantification. We develop new custom assays and/or optimise existing assays, evaluate their performance and qualify and/or validate best performing assays. Different platforms for digital PCR can be employed e.g., Bio-RadÔÇÖs ddPCR system, Quantstudio 3D, Fluidigm, Qiacuity).
Residual DNA quantity
Host cell DNA and plasmid DNA quantification
Residual cell line DNA and plasmid DNA in the final product raise safety concerns. Accurate and sensitive approaches are need to determine their presence and quantity. We develop new custom assays or use existing protocols for quantification of hcDNA and pDNA with qPCR or dPCR.
Host cell protein
Host cell protein (HCP) ELISA based quantification
Proteins originating from cell line culture also present a big safety concern. We offer optimisation of the ELISA-based protocol for accurate quantification of proteins.
Viral particle quantity and integrity
ELISA based quantification and electron microscopy
ELISA based viral particle quantification can be used to supplement molecular data on viral genome quantity, while negative staining electron microscopy offers unique opportunity to observe the viral particles and possible impurities - the latter assays are performed in collaboration with experts at National Institute of Biology (NIB).
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